Web Ninja Ads

Welcome to Web Ninja Ads!

Our Web Ninja Ads section is currently under construction, however you can order some of our services today. Our services are up and running and we offer the best prices. From the list below you an select what type of advertisement you want. Come back in a few weeks for a complete section on our website on all our services.

We have simplified the process. Now any banner size is considered one type. You simply purchase either Impressions or/and Clicks.

You are required on your first order to add Account Setup (Banners) that will charge a one time activation fee for your account of 5$. However this is currently not being charged, thus at 0.00$. Then you select the amount of either Impressions or Clicks you want to purchase. There is no expiration date for Impressions or Clicks, however if your account falls to zero and maintains this zero for 180 days, you will be required to pay the Account Setup of 5$.

Right now only the banners have been activated. Text banners will be added later this year.

Do you wish to purchase IMPRESSIONS or CLICKS ?